Refund Policy Services

Our service fee is Competitive & among the best you will find in the industry. While paying our services fee we make you aware about such conditions in which we can refund your services charge.

Conditions in which Services fee is refundable:

If applicant wishes to withdraw the application due to any unforeseen circumstance such as death of an immediate family member, the full processing charges would be refundable and in such case applicant must have to provide necessary and sufficient documentary evidence to support their claim.

Process of applying refund:

  1. All applications will be responded back within 10 working days after receipt of complete supporting documentations and written application by the student.
  2. The complete refund application needs to be forwarded to the following e-mail address


Conditions in which services fee is non-refundable:

  1. If the applicant with held any important and necessary information requires for processing of the application.
  2. If there will be delay in processing application by Institute/ University.
  3. Delay in processing application by Embassy.
  4. Rejection of VISA application or offer letter application due to any changes.
  5. Rejection on the basis of Interview conducted by High Commission of any country.
  6. Rejection on the basis of non- genuine/ non-verifiable documents submitted by applicant.
  7. Rejection of VISA application due to any changes in the applicant’s/ client’s circumstances that is not reported/ updated to the agency in written.